Hi! I’m EJ

I’m a wife and mom of two littles and I spend a lot of most of my time answering questions….at work and for myself.

For the first six years of this website’s existence, I asked & answered questions about healthy living and intentional weight loss. While I’m still all about healthy living, intentional weight loss is no longer something that I believe in for reasons that I’ll probably talk about at some point.

These days…I have a bunch of questions that I need answered. like how do I get my kids an education that prepares them for the world, how can I learn the skills to be who I want to be. This blog is where I share what I learn. Learn more here.

Dive into the blog…

Here’s where I share my notes—on books, articles, and other interesting things that I find. Plus you can dig through the archives to find articles I’ve written on health and wellness in the past.