Hi! I’m EJ

I’m a wife and mom of two and I spend a lot of most of my time answering questions.

For the first six years of this website’s existence, I’ve been asking & answering questions about how to lose weight when you have a crazy busy schedule.

Now my the questions I’m asking & answering questions about how to design a life that works for who you are & what you want in life.

Before I go on…I wrote a book that can help you lose weight no matter how busy your schedule is.

I wrote Weight Loss for High Achievers to be your guide to lose weight with a healthy lifestyle. You’ll get a simple breakdown of the basics of healthy eating complete with:
▶ Worksheets to help you design your healthy lifestyle.
▶ An 8-Week Weight Loss Plan to take the guesswork out of taking action.
▶ An 8-Week Workout Plan to help you get moving in the comfort of your own home.

Learn more about how the book can help you.

And then there’s the blog…

I write actionable articles about setting goals that are designed to be achieved, healthy living, and exercise sprinkled with some fiction. Check it out.

Planning 2019 with the a Bullet Journal

Planning 2019 with a Bullet Journal

With the New Year comes resolutions, plans, planners, and the works…and this year, I’m trying something new and wanted to share with you. The Bullet Journal first came into my life via my best friend Peace. She has the most beautiful bullet journal filled with art, shapes, and gorgeous calligraphy…but more importantly, the evolution of…

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My favorite free resource to be accountable when life gets busy

My favorite free resource to be accountable when life gets busy

We all have a busy season…whether you’re like me and you have a full-time job, a marriage to nurture, and two kids underfoot or you have a different set of pressing priorities…it’s hard to stay accountable and avoid the temptation to put healthy living on the backburner. That’s why I keep the resource I’m about…

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How to create a meal plan that fuels your life

How to Create a Meal Plan that Fuels Your Life

You want to eat healthy. You can tell the difference in the energy you have to do the work to build the dreams you have for your life when you fill up on crap vs. when you give your body the fuel it needs to run to it’s full potential. But the challenge you have…

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