I’m EJ—wife, mom, and author of Weight Loss for High Achievers.

I’m also the creator of the VAFs® Mental Model for Lasting Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle Writer/Coach.

I just couldn’t stick to the plan. I was tired of riding the miserable roller coaster of weight loss, especially once life started to settle down enough for my husband and me to start talking about having babies…and because I didn’t want my kids to think mummy was obsessed with dieting, I decided to buckle down to find what worked…and when I couldn’t find it, I created it.

I know you’ll recognize some of the things I tried and failed at…maybe you’ve tried:

  • a low-carb diet (and couldn’t last more than a few days),
  • calorie counting (and struggled to find the calorie information of your favorite ethnic dishes),
  •  juicing or detoxing in the name of “health” (only to feel deprived of the joy of eating real hot food!)
  • workout DVDs (that leave you with no way to modify the exercises you struggle with or increase the intensity as you get stronger),
  • and working out for hours a day at the gym (with no results to show for it but the fact that you have less time for your other priorities).

You’ve dealt with trying strategies like these and not getting the results you were promised, at least not for long, because most generic strategies are unsustainable when stacked up next to your busy schedule.

By now I know that you’re done.

I’ve spent the last five years sharing the method that I used to finally lose those 33 pounds…and drop the 40+ pounds of baby weight that I gained after two healthy pregnancies.

I’ve been sharing these tools with women like you who don’t have time for the diet drama anymore. And what I share in the work I do is a product of practical strategies that have helped women like you and me feel amazing, lose weight, and actually keep it off while building thriving careers and raising healthy families.

I wrote a free eBook to help you get started called You Don’t Need a Diet.

In the eBook, I share:

  • Why diets are the problem, not you.
  • The tools to help you break free and lose weight without dieting.
  • And a simple action plan to help you get started.

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One last thing…

It’s one thing for me to handle my own weight loss struggle, but it’s another for me know how to help you do the same. In case you were wondering about my concrete qualifications, here are a few of the relevant certifications that I’ve invested in over the years to give me the tools and know-how to effectively help you.

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (Pn1)

Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Coach (Pn2)

NESTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Now that you’re ready to ditch the diet drama with me right there to guide you, click the button to get started.