Watch This: Step into Your Personal Power

I watched this 50-minute video interview of Abby Wambach on Marie Forleo’s MarieT and got so much out of it that I absolutely had to share!

P.S. Abby Wambach’s name came up in The Passion Paradox and it was interesting to hear her talk about her new book, Wolfpack, and the book is definitely going on my reading list. Here were some of the things that stood out and got me thinking.

Celebrate the good habits

What were the values that brought me to success?

Abby Wambach via MarieTV

This struck me because we tend to underestimate the good habits we already have and overestimate the bad habits that we’re working to eliminate. But for you to be at a point in life where you can afford the luxury of time to read a blog post, or in my case write one, something must have gone right.

In my case, the values of:

  • hardwork
  • maintaining integrity
  • continuous improvement

Have gotten me from where I was, a bright eyed 16 year-old who hopped on a plane with everything she owned in a single suitcase…to where I am today—a married mom of two with a thriving family life, careers that contribute to a positive net worth, and assets that make that suitcase look like a paper towel.

Something’s going right, and I invite you to think about the values and the good habits that contribute to the beauty in your life right now. Yes you need to make progress, but don’t forget to acknowledge what you’re already doing right.

You only fail if you quit the game

A champion never allows short-term failure take her out of the long-term game.

Abby Wambach via MarieTV

Oy! This quote can stand on its own. Sometimes we think that the people who succeed are the ones who go big or go home, who make the bold choices, and who knock down every obstacle in their way.

The truth is very different.

Those who succeed are the ones who:

  • take small steps in the direction of their dreams no matter how hard it is to take those steps.
  • avoid shiny objects that masquerade as bold choices. Instead, choose the unglamorous actions that’ll get them the progress they desire.
  • keep chiseling away at the walls when it makes sense to do so. And pivot in a different path, but in the same direction, when it no longer makes sense.

This was a powerful reminder that it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about staying in the game. You don’t have to go hard all the time and it’s okay to pause or pivot, but you only lose when you quit altogether.

Make your asks worth it

If you’re going to ask for something you gotta do everything you can to make sure your demand was worth it.

Abby Wambach via MarieTV

All the YESSES to this one!!! This is so relevant for me because I recently had a new role added to my plate at work. It involves doing work that I enjoy…writing.

As an engineer, putting together writing projects isn’t something that I have the opportunity to do all the time. But as soon as I got my current role and saw the opportunity to do content development, I raised my hand every chance I got.

And raising my hand paid off big time. This quote is going next to my monitor at work to remind me on the days it gets hard that I wanted this, that I asked for it, and I have to make sure that ask was worth it.

And finally…

You can sit down and take a nap because I got this.

Marie Forleo

This quote makes me smile because I think it all time when it comes to what I do as a content development lead. I enjoy the fact that what I do makes my boss’s life easier and my company better because EJ’s got it. I know neither my boss nor the company will be taking a nap, but it feels good to be:

  • lightening the load,
  • contributing to the broader team,
  • and getting paid for the pleasure of doing work I love.

What did you get out of the video?

I tend to watch these videos when I’m working or cleaning or cooking…bottom line, I’m multitasking and pausing when a gem cracks my consciousness. Not the best thing, but hey, I’m a busy mom.

So I’d like your help…if you watched the video, what did you learn from it? Click here to send me a message and share. And don’t forget to check out other awesome content that Marie Forleo does, she’s amazing at doing the work and being consistent.

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