What If You’re Doing Everything Right 😇, But then…Weight Gain 😭?

What If You're Doing Everything Right, But then...Weight Gain?

You workout consistently, eat healthy, manage your stress well, and your sleep game is on fleek…but you’re starting to experience unwanted weight gain? How do you deal with this?

Let’s start with the fact that there’s no simple answer to the unwanted weight gain question. Your next step isn’t as simple as cutting more carbs, or going on a juice cleanse. Those types of steps might result in a temporary move in the scale, but the move is just that…temporary. Plus, it’ll cost you Continue reading “What If You’re Doing Everything Right 😇, But then…Weight Gain 😭?”

My favorite free resource to be accountable when life gets busy

My favorite free resource to be accountable when life gets busy

We all have a busy season…whether you’re like me and you have a full-time job, a marriage to nurture, and two kids underfoot or you have a different set of pressing priorities…it’s hard to stay accountable and avoid the temptation to put healthy living on the backburner.

That’s why I keep the resource I’m about to share with you in my back pocket. I reference it quite often especially when Continue reading “My favorite free resource to be accountable when life gets busy”

Want to Lose Weight? Forget Willpower…Be SMART Instead!

Want to Lose Weight Forget Willpower…Be SMART Instead!

Succeeding at weight loss does not require a cutting-edge plan or the willpower of a saint. Rather it’s about being smart what you choose to focus on. Being smart means that you’re:

  1. Starting with a goal that matters to you, and not one that you pick because it sounds good or because your doctor says it’s the right thing to do.
  2. Focusing on metrics that matter as you take action so you can find ways to win even before the number of on the scale becomes what you want it to be.

The tool that Continue reading “Want to Lose Weight? Forget Willpower…Be SMART Instead!”

How to choose what to start with first

How to choose what to start with first - ejogenyi.com

Let’s dive right into how to choose what to start with first – start with what’s easy.

I know you didn’t expect to hear that from a weight loss coach, but consider this your permission slip to take it easy.

There’s enough stress in your life as it is and there’s no point adding the stress of losing weight to the mix especially if it’s not necessary.

Not necessary?

    • What about all the carbs I have to cut?


    • How about going keto?


  • Or the amount of money it costs to buy healthy food?

Well those are things that you feel you should do, but a lot of times the things you should do and the things that’ll get you the weight loss success that you’re after are not the same thing.

And this applies beyond weight loss.

I’m a Mechanical Engineer and I graduated Magna Cum Laude. That’s noteworthy because I wasn’t mathematically inclined.

In fact a lot of people warned my parents not to send me abroad for school because I was the most likely of my siblings to mess up!

“She’ll get pregnant” they said…

Why do I share this? Well because I took an unconventional approach to graduating with honors and with a full time job lined up a full year before graduation in a recession year.

I called it the power of the strategic B.

After two quarters of stressing out to try to get all A’s in my classes I finally gave up and “allowed” myself to have one B each quarter. This helped me take the pressure off and allowed me to do things like take dance class to relax or go for long leisurely swims the night before my physics exam (one of my strategic B’s).

My parents don’t know this (so please don’t tell them), but taking this “easy way out” helped me take the stress off and still end up successful at achieving my end game – a full time career that supports me and my dreams.

Almost 10 years later as I still thrive as an engineer, no one cares that I slacked off on one class a term (I really hope my Dad doesn’t read this!).

What’s the point of all this?

The parallel I’m trying to draw here by sharing this story is that I know you can relate to a time in your life when you decided to take it easy on yourself for your sanity and you still achieved your goal.

So why should weight loss be different?

So back to the question of the day. How do you choose what to start with first so you can crush it at weight loss?

Make a list of all the things you need to do to lose weight, and rank them in order of difficulty.

And then start with the easiest thing.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive to the popular no pain no gain message, but like you’ve discovered, that doesn’t work. And that’s because it’s overwhelming especially when you consider the fact that you have a lot more on your plate than just trying to lose weight.

When you start with what’s easy, consistency starts to feel natural.

And when consistency starts to feel easy, you’ll start adding the hard things. And as you rack up your consistency, the weight will fall off.

Want Help Choosing Figuring out What to Put On Your List?

Then check out Weight Loss for High Achievers. It’s your guide to losing weight without the stress of a diet

I wrote Weight Loss for High Achievers to be your guide to lose weight with a healthy lifestyle. You’ll get a simple breakdown of the basics of losing weight complete with:

▶ A book that includes clear guidance on specific actions to take to start losing weight and keep it off.
▶ An 8-Week Weight Loss and Workout Plan to help you take action no matter how busy you are.
▶ A recap of all the important habits covered in each chapterso you can start exactly where you need to if you’d rather start taking action before finishing the entire book.

Learn more about how the book can help you choose what to start with first! 

Why you don’t need the perfect meal plan to lose weight

Why you don't need the perfect meal plan to lose weight - Team by EJ

Before working with me, most of my clients are surprised to find out that I don’t offer meal plans. That’s because having the right meal plan is touted as the key to getting remarkable weight loss results.

But the truth is that you don’t need someone else to give you a meal plan to get lasting weight loss results.

In fact, you’ll probably get better results if you never have to buy a meal plan ever again.

This isn’t to say you don’t need a meal plan, but to say that you’re better off making it yourself.

My personal recommendation for you: How to create a meal plan that fuels your life

I’m sure now you’re wondering if it’s really possible to get results with the meal plans you make. This post breaks down why it is possible by showing you why you don’t need one.

Let’s start with why you don’t need to buy another meal plan

A meal plan isn’t necessary except you have a medical issue that requires a strict meal plan or you’re a physique athlete working to get “cut” for competition.

When you have a medical issue, the structure helps you make sure that you’re getting the right nutrients to manage your condition and that you’re avoiding any foods that’ll make you feel worse.

When you’re a physique athlete, a meal plan will help you stay on track to looking stage ready when the time comes. A physique meal plan usually has strict requirements down to cheat meals, and every single athlete I know only uses strict meal plans during the season.

Once the season is over, they eat without a meal plan and that almost always leads them to regain weight.

99% of the busy professional women that I know and those whom I’ve worked with don’t fall in either one of these groups. And if you don’t, keep reading…

Instead what you need is a structure to eat healthy to feel and look good

As a woman who’s balancing all the balls of a professional and personal life, putting yourself on a regimented meal plan to get results is hard.

So don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t been able to stick to a meal plan for more than a few days or even a few weeks.

When your life doesn’t depend on it and it’s not how you make your living, it gets hard to psyche yourself up to eat food that you’re not a fan of.

What you actually need is a structure that makes eating healthy easier.

This is why I created the VAFs® mental model for lasting weight loss to give my clients and I a quick mental shortcut to know what to eat to get lasting weight loss results. VAFs breaks down the four food types to eat for your diet to support your weight loss efforts.

And this is what you need to create for yourself, a quick way to look at your options to make a choice that’ll get you closer and closer to your goals to lose weight.

And you can create that structure more effectively yourself

Stop looking for the perfect meal plan. Instead focus on creating a repeatable structure for your eating that you can do regularly.

That’s essentially what a meal plan is – structure to guide your consistent action.

I invite you to get a copy of The Healthy Eating Made Easy Cheat Sheet I created to give you a quick download on what VAFs is and how to use it.

The VAFs mental model you’ll discover in the Cheat Sheet has helped my clients make healthy food choices:

  • When they’re cooking meals for themselves and their families
  • When they’re eating food cooked by someone else at a restaurant
  • And when they’re spending significant amount of time living in hotels

You can start living this structure for yourself by applying what you discover in the Cheat Sheet.

Click the button below to get the Cheat Sheet and start creating this structure for yourself.

How long will it take you to start seeing weight loss results?

How Long Will it Take You to Start Seeing Weight Loss Results? - Team by EJ

I’m here to share my answer to a question about results.

Here’s the question: How long will it take for me to start seeing results on the scale?

Here’s my answer…

Rather than exaggerate what’s possible or avoid your question, in my answer, I’ll help you:

  • see why the true answer to this question is “I don’t know”
  • set realistic expectations for your journey so you’re not discouraged
  • create the bones of a system that’ll help you make things more predictable

Let’s start with why the true answer to the results question is “I don’t know”?

The reason why the true answer to the question of how long it’ll take to get results is I don’t know is that there are too many variables to predict.

Yes there’s what you eat and how you exercise, but there are so many factors that influence your weight loss that aren’t accounted for by those variables.

Here are some things that are unpredictable (to name a few):

  • your metabolism
  • how your body will distribute the weight you lose (in the instance when you want to focus on a particular part of your body like flattening your tummy)
  • how your schedule changes and makes it more difficult or easier to take the actions that’ll help you lose weight

But, there is a general idea of when you can expect to see the type of results you want and that’s what I’ll share with you next.

So what kind of results can you expect and when can you expect them?

While I don’t know exactly how long it will take for you to see results on the scale, I can speak to a realistic expectation that you can have and other types of results you can focus on while you keep taking action.

So first, weight loss on the scale doesn’t happen quickly. At least not the lasting kind. You might start to lose weight as soon as the first week, but your true weight loss trajectory doesn’t begin to take shape until after a month or so especially when you’re not taking drastic actions like cutting out food groups or cutting down your calories drastically.

But there are some results that you can expect to start seeing or feeling almost immediately especially when you’re consistent with your actions.

Here are some non-scale wins that you can start looking out for

For example, when you start:

  • working out consistently, you’ll feel that flood of energy that comes with getting the blood flowing through your body. You’ll also get that sense of pride from showing up and crushing a tough workout consistently
  • keeping track of your actions consistently, you’ll start to see that you’re not doing as “bad” as you thought you were. A lot of times, we tell ourselves stories when we have no data to back it up. And 9 times out of 10, my clients are pleasantly surprised to find that they already have some healthy practices because they finally have the data since they’re tracking it and they can see it right there in the Team by EJ Accountability Portal
  • tracking your results, especially the way I have my clients do it, you’ll get in the habit of looking for the positive. And there’s something powerful that shifts in you when you start looking for positive changes in the mirror, in your health, in how your body feels after a workout. And even if you don’t find something positive to say the first time around, you’ll get in the habit of looking for it over time because you’re not only focused on how much weight you haven’t lost.

All of these positive results that have nothing to do with the number on the scale will help you keep moving forward and stay motivated to keep showing up and taking action long enough to start seeing the number on the scale and the numbers on your tape measure drop.

How can you make this more predictable?

The simplest way to inject some predictability into your weight loss expectations is to track.

But not only your weight or your inches. Track your:

  • actions and consistency with these actions so you can see how you’re improving there
  • workouts and how you feel after them so you can give yourself multiple reasons to keep showing up to your workouts
  • non-scale results so you can find ways to win even before the number on the scale becomes what you want it to be

And tracking metrics like these will keep you motivated so you don’t quit after two weeks and feel like a failure for not being able to get the results you expected.

And you’ll need a system to help you do this…

In You Don’t Need a DietI break down why diets don’t work to help you get healthy and lose weight, but I also share the eight tools you need to get results without dieting + how to get started no matter how busy you are.

You Don't Need a Diet Team by EJ

Lola says: “Healthy eating has never seemed easier”

Healthy Eating Never Seemed Easier - Team by EJ

It had been a few days since I started actively sharing The Healthy Eating Made Easy Cheat Sheet, and I got an email that simply said “Thanks EJ. Healthy eating has never seemed easier.”

It was an email from Lola, a lawyer who was ready to stop feeling sick from all the diets she’d tried in the past.

Needless to say I wanted to find out more about this professional woman who’d taken fast action and started to feel the difference in such a short time.

I asked if she would get on the phone with me to talk with me about how she put her food choices on autopilot with the Cheat Sheet, and she agreed.

And I had to share her progress with you to show you what’s possible when you take action – no matter how small it is.

Read the interview with Lola…

…on how her life has changed since she took action on what she discovered in The Healthy Eating Made Easy Cheat Sheet.

What diets did you try in the past?

“I tried the Ketogenic diet and straight up starving myself by skipping meals. When I used these methods, I was weak most of the time, my concentration at work was off, and I didn’t feel healthy at all.”

Tell us more about how these diets impacted your health…

“I would lose weight, but I was falling ill constantly. There were the stomach ulcers, and I was dizzy and weak almost all the time.

I kept getting colds and coughs. My health was not 100% to begin with due to some of the preexisting health conditions I had and these fad diets seemed to be beating down my immune system even more.

I didn’t like how I felt because I needed to be focused in my work as a lawyer, but I didn’t think I could reach my ideal weight by eating properly instead of starving myself or feeling deprived all the time.”

So what have you done differently since with what you discovered in the Cheat Sheet?

“Now to be honest, it is simply portion control, lots of water, veggies and cutting out processed foods and drinks. But I’m keeping my coffee…lol.”

And how has this worked for you so far?

“Very well! I feel healthier and lighter and I drink more water. My digestion is humming and I sleep better at night.

I’m asthmatic, and since I started eating healthier using what I discovered the Cheat Sheet, I haven’t needed to use my inhaler. And this is usually the worst time of year for me with the weather change.

I also feel more in control. I’m not starving myself and I’m not over-the-top indulging either.

And being more controlled this way makes me feel better about what I’m doing.

I thought I wasn’t business inclined to be honest, but now that my mind isn’t focused on worrying about my weight, I feel clearer and it’s opening up my world. I’m seeing business opportunities that I could do that I didn’t even think of before.”

What was the difference maker that took you from struggling to the breakthrough that you’ve achieved so far?

“The difference was finding someone who confirmed what I hoped to be true – in the article I read where I got the cheat sheet, you were saying just what I thought was impossible ~ that I could eat properly without starving or feeling deprived and still reach my ideal.

I didn’t believe it was possible, but I thought to try.

And the fact that you responded to my email and took the time to talk to me, I feel like I know you, like you take interest in me and that attention helped.”

Where do you see yourself going next?

Healthy Eating Never Seemed Easier - Team by EJ

“I’m happy with my progress. I’ve lost 3 kg on my own since I first sent you that email saying thank you.

I wasn’t even trying to lose weight per se. I was just eating healthier and then my clothes started feeling looser and I was feeling less bloated.

Plus I’m going crazy with the vegetables. I eat them all the time now.

I’m happy with my progress and I intend to lose 7 more kg and maintain it. And I know I can sustain eating the way I am right now. I’m happy with the fact that my weight isn’t on my mind all the time.

Before I was either worried about my weight or feeling ill from recovering from the cheat days where I overindulged. Now I’m not on a diet, and I’m seeing progress that feels almost effortless.

I can’t wait to channel my new-found focus towards being a Lawyer with a successful business of her own. I’m so excited.”

It’s your turn: Get the cheat sheet that helped Lola make healthy eating easier!