How do you find time for yourself?

Originally Published: September 19th, 2013; Updated: April 10th, 2020

Short Answer: You don’t find time, you need to make the time.

In Case You Were Curious…This article was originally a part of my health and fitness website.

The article still holds true to what I believe today and the editing has been minimal (formatting, typos, et al.)

One thing that’s a given, no matter how busy you get with building your dream business or engaging in the business of living in general, is the fact that you need to set aside time for yourself to achieve your personal goals.

If you don’t put yourself on your schedule, something will always come up to take the little time you might’ve had for yourself.

Here are some ideas of how to carve out time for yourself:

Wake up a bit earlier

I know the whole “wake up a bit earlier” thing is so common that it’s a cliché. But clichés become that way because there’s some truth to them.

From my experience, I have come to find that the best time to make time for yourself is first thing in the morning.

This is a time when the world hasn’t started making demands of you, so it is good to get a jump on the day.

Ask for support from your significant other

If you already wake up as early as is humanly possible, get support woman!

If you and boo don’t live together, then let him know that you might need some of your after work time for yourself.

It’s kind of counter intuitive, but I’ve found from hanging with my guy friends that men like a woman who has something going on outside of them.

So if you’re worried that taking time to hit your workouts or meal prep over the weekend will make him feel like he’s taking second fiddle to your fit life, have a conversation about it.

Help him understand that you need to make time to be fitter and healthier, and that’ll benefit your relationship because it means that you’ll be happier. And let’s face it, everybody is happy when you’re happy 😉

And if you live with your significant other , ask him to take over some of the duties that you have on your plate.

As a couple, you have a partnership and that means sharing everything – even chores.

Sunday (my husband) and I lived together for 2 years before we got married, and having him help out in certain areas was the only way I could get things done. And this has paid dividends even today.

Having him help out is the only way that I can find time to do half the things I do, because I have learned to let my partner take some of the load.

Take a lunch break, even if it’s a short one

Building your own business might sometimes mean that you’re so in love with what you do that you forget to take a lunch break, but it’s worth it to step away from the work even if it’s just for a beat.

Even if this is only 10 minutes, you need to show yourself that you are a priority. If you don’t do this, no one will

Women carry a lot of responsibilities. We hustle, we take care of the home, we bear and take care of children, and we pull it off making sure we put our best face to the world.

Looking beautiful & capable to the outside world isn’t enough though, we have to feel it. And if letting something else slide to take 10 minutes to make time for ourselves, then by all means lets do it.

Because we are only able to give the best of ourselves only when we are at our best ourselves. 

It’s time to take action…

Take some time today with your schedule and identify where you can make a few minutes for yourself.

Make sure you put yourself in that time slot and not another commitment, remember you need to make yourself a priority so that you’re taken care of enough to handle the other things life and business throw your way.

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