How to inspire kids to help around the house

Raising two kids has been huge in teaching me who I want to be in the world…as a mom, as a wife, and as a human. And my biggest lesson has been that discipline is teaching. They don’t come out knowing how to behave or how to do what we want them to, we have to teach them.

And this takes patience, a trait that I don’t have a lot of.

One of the things we’ve started doing with our older one, who is 4, is involving him in chores. At this age, he always wants to help and I don’t always let him. But the I read this article on NPR on How to Get Kids to Do Chores (without Resenting it).

According to the author:

Toddlers are born assistants. Need help sweeping up the kitchen? Rinsing a dish? Or cracking an egg? No worries. Toddlers Inc. will be there on the double.

How to Get Kids to Do Chores (without Resenting It)

And the crux of what I got out of the article is that we don’t like to have toddlers help because it takes more time to involve them than if we just did it ourselves. But as one of the moms said, it’s an investment.

I put this into action by reserving one chore for young Riley to do…for example, I cleaned downstairs today and it’s the living room dining room and kitchen. I cleaned everything but the kitchen floors and this evening, Riley and I cleaned the floor together. At some point he’s like “I got this mommy” and he turned it into a game “more steam, more steam” (we were using a steam mop).

It was so stinking cute…and left me with clean floors 😍.

Do you have little ones who help out around the house? How do you inspire action?

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