How to ease into a sustainable healthy lifestyle

Deciding to move forward with your desire to ramp up your healthy lifestyle is a big deal. Why? Because you’ve committed to do something that’s important to you despite the prospect of stumbling along the way or the real chance that you might not reach your goal.

Once you’ve taken this big step to reach your healthy lifestyle goals though, the next thing on your to do list should be to understand why it matters to see your goals through. 

It’s the concept of Starting with Why and the principle is broken down in the book Start with Why. It’s a book on leadership and business by Simon Sinek. And his framework can apply when you’re looking to design a weight loss program that works for you.

The reason why starting with why works in all facets of life is that it starts with the most important thing. It starts with You and Your Motivations. Not the diet, the meal plans, or the habits…

It Starts with Why it matters to you to achieve your goal. Or in this case, sustainable healthy living.

The first thing to know is why a losing weight with a healthy lifestyle matters to you

You need to know why losing weight with a healthy lifestyle matters to you. It could be to:

  • have more energy,
  • to always feel confident to raise your hand at work,
  • or to fit into a dress with strategically placed cut outs.

But these examples are results. These results are an important part of why you want to lead a lose weight with a healthy lifestyle, but they’re not the full story.

There are other aspects of your desire. For instance:

  • Why is now the time to make your health a priority?
  • Why is it worth it to you to put in the effort?
  • Who are you trying to be lighter and healthier for?

These types of probing questions will help you get to the root of your motivations. And getting to the root of your motivation is important.

It’s important because the difference between being successful or unsuccessful at getting the results you want from a healthier lifestyle is your ability to be consistent, even when it gets hard. And your motivation is what will help you stay consistent.

At some point you’re going to hit a plateau, heck, there’ll be weeks when you actually find yourself living your old habits like an old comfy sweater. And your ability to remember why you’re doing this is what will keep you going when things like this happen.

Reminding yourself of why is what will help you pick yourself up and dust yourself off after every one of these setbacks. And that ability to stay in the game is what will see you to the finish line.

After you know why, then it’s time to talk about how you’ll do it

There are three things that you can do to start losing weight. You can choose to do all three or you can choose to do one first and add on as you feel comfortable.

These things are, you can choose to:

  1. eat differently
  2. move differently
  3. or adopt more effective lifestyle habits

Again, you can choose one or all of them, but the choice you make with respect to how you change your lifestyle and the balance of how you mix these up would largely determine the results you get and how fast you can expect to get them.

The “how” is where a lot of us start to lose our way. Sometimes, we’re so invested in getting to our goal that we believe that anything that’ll get us going will do just fine.

So we look for the best meal plan with promises attached and the most cutting edge exercise plan that promises results. And we do that because we believe that’s what will get us results regardless of the compromises that it asks us to make.

But the truth is, it’s not the plans that get you results. It’s your consistent execution of the plan that makes the difference. It’s your ability to show up and take action every single day.

And for those days that you slip up, it’s your ability to slip-up, see that as part of the process and keep on trucking rather than quitting that’ll get you results.

Because 21 days of juice fasting and 60 days of exercising for 2 hours every day will get you results. But these types of strategies are unsustainable because you’ll reverse your results once you stop using these strategies.

But starting with why and answering this question of how doesn’t mean that you’ll land on the perfect plan immediately.

You might even get distracted from time to time and try the cutting edge over the things that make sense for your life. But you’ll be able to course correct if you check in with your why on a regular basis.

Once you know how, then you’ll dive into what you’ll do daily to lose weight with a healthy lifestyle

Your “what” are the ways you choose to eat differently, move differently, or the lifestyle habits that you choose to change.

And they come directly from your answers to how you’re willing to get healthier and are connected to why as well.

When most of us decide to lead a healthier lifestyle, this is where we start. We start by picking the first exercise or diet plan that looks like it makes sense. And when the diet or exercise plan doesn’t work, we quit because what we’ve chosen has nothing to do with why we were motivated to make the change in the first place. 

When you Start With Why, you’re more open to exploring different “how’s” and different “what’s” till you find the right mix and get to your desired result.


  • if you want to eat differently (how) by eating healthy (what), then a system like VAFs® can help you build the structure to eat healthy without needing a diet
  • if you want to exercise differently (how), choosing HIIT (what) is one way of moving differently,
  • or if you want to adopt more effective lifestyle habits (how), choosing to eat only till you’re 80% full (what) is one example

And when you keep track of the results you’re getting with the actions you take, you’ll know what’s working. This means you’ll know what to change when it’s time to course correct.