Want to learn something new?

I was sitting in my dorm room in front of my ancient, but reliable, desktop trying to get through a difficult homework assignment due the next day and I was stuck. So I called my person…the guy who had all the answers…my older brother the electrical engineering PhD who always seemed to know what to do.

He broke down the solution for me, but after doing so he invited me to Google it next time. “Jiro babe” he said, “it’s 2004, almost every question you have has been answered by someone on Google. Google is your friend…you can find almost anything using it.”

This was the day I learned that Google was a great path to learn anything

My 18 year-old world changed forever. I still called him when I didn’t know what to Google, but those calls were fewer and further between.

These days I Google everything:

There are some things that Google isn’t great place for…like medical advice (don’t Google your symptoms, you might find you have everything from the sniffles to cancer if you let the results tell it).

But overall, it’s a great start to learn whatever you’re after.