Learning forward

Happy New Month!

What are you doing to push yourself this month? Here’s what I’m doing…I’m planning to write every single day this month.

You see…since having my daughter, I’ve been taking things easier with writing, blogging, and coaching. With two kids, a full-time job, and a client-based business…I had to be intentional with how I spent my time and writing moved to the bottom of my priority list.

As baby girl grows and big boy gets more independent, I’ve been thinking about what comes next for mama.

I love coaching

…it requires me to bring my best to the table to support the women I hold space for. I still enjoy writing, but my interests have shifted. I’ve written over 200 articles and a whole book on losing weight in a sustainable way and now, I’m more interested in reading and writing about:

  • saving up and investing enough money to consider us financially independent as a family. Having this type of money gives us options.
  • figuring out how to raise my lovely Gen Alpha kids to be good and successful humans.
  • learning and leaning into motherhood and what it means to be a working mom with dreams of being a writer.

Moving forward, most of what I anticipate that I’ll write would be unrelated to weight loss. You’ll still hear about some of the experiments/tweaks I’m doing like:

  • cooking tomorrow’s dinner tonight to save time
  • making my own almond milk because we use a ton of it for our smoothies and I don’t like wasting all that packaging

I’m super excited about writing more

Heck, I plan to join a local writers group focused on sci-fi/horror/fantasy.

This is not going to be me being the expert. I’m going to be bumbling my way through something somewhat new and I’m thrilled for a multitude of reasons.