What If You’re Doing Everything Right 😇, But then…Weight Gain 😭?

You workout consistently, eat healthy, manage your stress well, and your sleep game is on fleek…but you’re starting to experience unwanted weight gain? How do you deal with this?

Let’s start with the fact that there’s no simple answer to the unwanted weight gain question. Your next step isn’t as simple as cutting more carbs, or going on a juice cleanse. Those types of steps might result in a temporary move in the scale, but the move is just that…temporary. Plus, it’ll cost you some of the precious energy you need to get through your day.

Instead, the answer lies in doing a proper inventory of your healthy lifestyle from your foundations (your goals…or your why) to the actions you’re taking and how you’re tracking results.

But first. Be real with yourself…are you really doing everything right?

Sometimes we miss things. You may be working out consistently and eating healthy meals, but if you’re eating the same amount of food that you were eating when you were 20 pounds heavier, that might be the reason for the weight gain that just won’t quit.

In this article, I shared the seven things you need to be doing consistently before you consider a diet, detox, or other drastic measures to stem the weight gain. Use them as a quick gut check to see if you’re doing most things right. I say most because most people aren’t able to check all the boxes all the time.

So are you:

  1. Eating only when you’re hungry?
  2. Eating healthy…at least 80% of the time?
  3. Stopping your meals when you’re satisfied—not full?
  4. Getting enough exercise…but not too much?
  5. Getting enough laughter in your life?
  6. Staying true to yourself?
  7. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night?

If one or more of these areas is lacking, start your updated weight loss plan by fixing that first. These seven things are what are considered the basics of creating a healthy lifestyle that supports a healthy body and a healthy weight. So if you’re not able to cross at least six out of seven, get to work.

Then consider if weight loss is still a priority for you

This might sound blasphemous to consider when you’re working to get the scale moving again, but till you have the answer to this question, you will struggle. And here’s why:

If you subconsciously don’t see weight loss as a priority any more, you’re not going to drive as hard to get the results that you want. You might take things easy with your healthy lifestyle, or you might just revert back to the way your lifestyle was to begin with. Either way, getting clear on whether losing weight matters still will help you break through.

Let me drive this home with an example.

Say you want to:

  • Lose 45 lbs.
  • Get your old clothes to fit again.
  • Feel confident in any outfit you wear.
  • See muscle definition when you look in the mirror.

And you lose the first 35 lbs and start to gain weight, but you:

  • Can fit into almost all your old clothes.
  • Feel confident in your clothes and you’ve actually started getting compliments from friends and coworkers.
  • See a hint of abs peeking through.

You might be better off focusing less on losing the last 10 lbs and focusing more on maintaining the results you have right now. Achieving 3 out of 4 of your goals is nothing to sneeze at and taking a pause in your journey to learn the skills you need to maintain your weight loss is more important at this stage of the game.

To figure out if this is you, this article I wrote on Bella Naija can help you start answering the right questions to determine if losing weight is a priority.

Bottom line, breaking through unwanted weight gain requires you to get self-aware

There’s no one size fits all solution to troubleshooting sudden weight gain after successfully losing weight, so your self-awareness and being honest with yourself about what you are and aren’t doing are the first two things that you need to figure out what’s going on.

Remember, your weight loss journey isn’t just about the now…it’s about building a healthy body for life.

And only once you’ve figured out what’s going on, can you take the next step to figure out the action to take to continue to lose the weight to support the life you want…or just focus on maintaining where you’re at while you shift focus to your other priorities in life.

Do you need help staying on track with your goals?

Then consider hiring me as your accountability coach. By working with me you’ll:

  • Know that you’re working towards the thrill of checking off the boxes next to your healthy lifestyle goals.
  • Live happier today knowing that you’re taking steps to be more of the woman you know you can be.
  • Feel fulfilled by the act of taking care of your body even as you drive hard towards your goals for your work and family.

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