Own this truth to boost your weight loss success

You want weight loss success. You’ve tried different strategies from a low-carb or a keto diet to the Insanity workout DVD program, but your efforts aren’t showing the results that you want. You feel like you’ve done it all and maybe getting in the best shape of your life at this stage in your life isn’t in the cards for you.

But before you throw in the towel altogether, I want to invite you to acknowledge a truth that you’ve ignored in your journey so far.

That you’re in transition.

Going from where you are today to being in the best shape of your life is a transition like all others you’ve gone through – from:

  • Student to working professional
  • Single woman to part of a loving couple
  • Only having to take care of you and hubby to having a child that depends on you 24/7

Getting in shape is a different transition from all these big life changes, but a transition no less.

And you can’t ignore the fact that you’re in transition. This means that you’re:

  • learning new habits
  • requiring yourself to be consistent with those habits in ways you haven’t done in the past
  • paying closer attention to your behaviors in ways that show you where you’re falling short

And this is hard.

It doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience and this practice of being patient with yourself is what I call respecting your transition.

Before you resist owning this truth….

Before you kick up resistance to the idea of being patient with yourself, let me reassure you that it’s normal for you to see this patience as being complacent.

You feel like you’re cutting yourself too much slack and you need to crack the whip harder and require perfection of yourself.

But if you require perfection before you’ve mastered the habits that’ll help you get closer and closer to it, you’ll set yourself up to quit because you’ve set the bar too high.

Think about this like the other goals you’ve hit. If you went to school for medicine, you wouldn’t require yourself to successfully operate on a patient on your first day. And if it’s your first day at a new job, you won’t expect yourself to know the inner workings of your company in the first week (or even month).

So what makes weight loss so special that it has to be different?

Once you’re ready… your first step to acknowledging this truth is starting with the roadblocks

Today I want to invite you to respect the transition that you’re in. This means looking at what you’re working to achieve and identifying the aspects of your current lifestyle that could stand in your way.

You already know what these are, but you’re taking a different approach. You’re looking for the biggest roadblocks so you can find the solutions that’ll help you get them out of the way and get to the weight loss success you crave.

For example:

  1. You’re working to lose the baby weight and you need to account for the fact that you’re still nursing your child
  2. You want to start exercising consistently, but you’re an accountant and your busy season of reconciling the books for your company’s end of quarter reporting is about to start
  3. Or you want to change how you eat, but you feel overwhelmed by all the changes you could possibly make and you don’t know where to begin

When you know what the biggest roadblock in this transition is, you can work around it.

In the three examples above, the roadblocks are:

  • #1: Your fear that your desire to lose weight will harm your desire to breastfeed your child as long as you possibly can
  • #2: You’re afraid that you won’t be able to live up to your desire to workout consistently and still perform at the level you want to at work
  • #3: You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin

Once you know the roadblocks, you can find the best solution for YOU!

Once you know what the roadblocks to your transition to a healthier lifestyle are you can narrow your search of the things to do to get past them and to your weight loss success.

So no more generic google searches. And no more buying programs that make blanket weight loss promises or hiring the wrong coaches for you.

Instead you’ll know what or who to look for because you know the exact roadblocks you want to overcome.

Using our examples, some possible solutions include to:

  • #1: To breastfeed and lose weight, you’ll focus on eating highly nutritious food and adjust the quantities with your hunger so that you naturally eat enough to lose weight or maintain your current weight till you stop breastfeeding and feel more comfortable cutting down your portions. Plus you’ll know to look for a coach with postpartum experience and training so that you’re getting the best advice.
  • #2: You choose a workout that you can complete in 20 minutes at home before your crazy workday starts. And you’ll focus on getting consistent with that 3 days a week so you have a foundation to ramp your workouts up when work eases up. And if you’re veting a coach or workout plan, you won’t pick one that’ll require you to workout for hours a day. At least not during your busy season.
  • #3: You’ll start simple because choosing a complicated diet when you already feel overwhelmed will do more harm than good. So you’ll be looking for a solution that’ll start you off with simple strategies you know you can use and then graduate from there.

These are some examples, and your roadblock might be different. But you have to acknowledge it to find a way around it and drastically increase your chances of success.

It’s time to take action

Your next step is to identify the roadblock that’s making your transition to the best shape of
your life more difficult.

Knowing what the roadblock is will help you identify the right solution for your specific issue. So you’ll no longer be searching the internet for information to lose weight. You’ll target your search for a solution to the actual problem you’re trying to solve.

Bottom line, identify your roadblock so you can narrow in on the right solution to help you get to the weight loss success that you crave!

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