What’s your “pencil?”

“What’s your pencil? What is the one tool that feeds your creativity and is so essential that without it you feel naked or unprepared? ~ Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit

While my son built a robot out of plastic parts in a kit and my daughter played with a plastic screw driver, I decided to pick up The Creative Habit from the shelf.

Picking up a book from the shelf is a new habit that has come with having a playroom. I don’t like to hover while the kids are playing and having a book to read gives me something to do.

In reading the book, this exercise came up in Chapter 2 and it took me a hot minute to come up with an answer that I felt halfway comfortable with.

My answer…my journal. Regardless of whether I write in it or not, I always have a journal with me. In my diaper bag, purse, work laptop bag…it doesn’t matter, it’s always there so I know that a new quote or an errant thought that feels poignant enough to record doesn’t get forgotten.

Second to my journal is Trello. I have boards for everything to help me;

  • Plan our weekly menus
  • Plan my daily work at the day job
  • Write out quotes and thoughts from the books I read, podcasts I listen to, and videos I watch

I like it because it’s a searchable journal that allows me to capture to many things I’m interested in or working on at one time. The only downside of using it is that I always feel like it could be more organized, but otherwise it’s a near perfect tool.

What is your own pencil.